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Scheme 33 Rates/Prices Get latest property prices / market rates. provides you current property rates and market trends of Pir Ahmed Zaman Town of Scheme 33 on daily basis. We strive hard to collect price data from different reliable sources which gives you the complete overview of current market prices. Comprehensive market summary with Minimum, Average and Maximum prices as per Location/Category of Plot/Home/Apartment etc.

Last Updated : 31-01-2020
Type Size (Sqy) Category Price Type Demanded Price
Min Avg Max

Pir Ahmed Zaman Town

Block 1
Residential Plot120GeneralTotal Price5,100,0005,100,0005,100,000
Block 2
Residential Plot400General+WestOpenTotal Price6,600,0006,600,0006,600,000
Block 3
Residential Plot120General+WestOpenTotal Price2,600,0002,600,0002,600,000
Month Type Size (Sqy) Category Price Type Avg Price

Pir Ahmed Zaman Town

Block 1
Jan-2020Residential Plot120GeneralTotal Price5,100,000
Nov-2019Residential Plot120General+WestOpenOwn Price3,600,000
Oct-2019Residential Plot120General+WestOpenTotal Price4,200,000
Oct-2019Residential Plot120General+FacingParkTotal Price4,600,000
Oct-2019Residential Plot120Corner+WestOpenTotal Price4,850,000
Block 2
Jan-2020Residential Plot400General+WestOpenTotal Price6,600,000
Oct-2019Residential Plot120GeneralTotal Price3,650,000
Oct-2019Residential Plot240General+WestOpenTotal Price5,500,000
Block 3
Jan-2020Residential Plot120General+WestOpenTotal Price2,600,000
Nov-2019Residential Plot400Corner+MainRoadTotal Price5,400,000
Oct-2019Residential Plot120GeneralTotal Price3,000,000
Oct-2019Residential Plot120CornerTotal Price3,400,000
Block 4
Oct-2019Residential Plot120GeneralTotal Price3,200,000
Oct-2019Residential Plot120General+WestOpenTotal Price3,600,000
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